Building envelope solutions for managing moisture in low-rise wood frame construction.

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We'll stick with you to protect your investment.

Benjamin Obdyke helps protect building envelopes. We have done this for about 150 years. Our passion and expertise for managing moisture is unmatched.

Let us help you discover the right moisture management system for your project. We promise to stick with you until you have a solution – even if the best solution for your project is not our product.

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Project Spotlight

Miller Valentine

This 4 story multi family unit consists of 264 apartments with 1, 2, or 3 bedroom floor plans. There is approximately 264,000 sq ft of livable space with over 100,000 sq ft of exterior claddings.

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Benjamin Obdyke joined forces with The Mission First Housing Group, a collection of non-profit organizations, to create an impactful solution for Veterans Spring City, Pa.

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Brandywine Senior Living at Haddonfield was in need of a facelift and more space. The company wanted to expand new living quarters, but blend in with the existing historic 1850s structure.

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Build Better Than Code


When any siding is installed tightly to a wall, it has the potential to trap moisture. A build-up of water between the siding and housewrap can create significant hydrostatic pressures that drives moisture further into the framing materials.


A ventilated rainscreen assembly is recommended for wet and/or humid climates, coastal areas and hilltop exposures receiving 40+ inches of annual rainfall. The ¼ in airspace promotes drainage as well as ventilated drying.


It's all in the details. Proper flashing techniques and compatible materials are critical to create an ironclad building envelope.

Structure longevity starts with the building envelope

Installation Concerns

Let's face it, mistakes happen. You've spent hours designing a structure to perfection, specified the best materials, and then it's out of your hands. There are many issues that can arise during construction. Designing some "forgiveness" in your building envelope helps to alleviate damage from these common mistakes.

Strength & Durability

We'd all like to be able to install products when it's 72 degrees, sunny, and calm. This obviously isn't reality and using products that can withstand the jobsite environment are key to a successful building envelope. High quality products that can withstand basic installation hazards like ladders, high winds, cold temperatures, and moisture can make or break the continuity of the building envelope.

The journey to protecting your investment starts here!

We have a passion for building better and want to help you determine the solution that's right for your project. Let us be your guide.