Building envelope solutions for managing moisture in low-rise wood frame construction.

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Slicker MAX Installation Details

Slicker MAX is compatible with all water resistive barriers. We recommend a premium, tri-laminate, non-woven housewrap such as FlatWrap UV. Regardless of which WRB you choose, follow manufacturer’s instructions for compatible accessories.

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Slicker MAX Installation Video

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HydroGap Installation Details
  • HydroGap can be installed in any direction with the spacers facing to the exterior and still maintain its drainage characteristics.
  • Flash wall penetrations (such as outlets, exhaust vents, etc.) with proper shingling technique to maintain drainage to the exterior.
  • Flash windows and doors according to building code requirements. Surface should be clean and dry. All self-adhered ashing must be adhered using a foam roller or hand applicator. HydroFlash should be stored inside or in conditioned space prior to installing in cold temperatures.
  • Install windows and doors per manufacturers’ installation instructions.
  • Tape all tears and holes that may have been inadvertently introduced during the construction process.
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HydroGap Installation Video

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